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About PCA

What is personal color analysis, and what can it do for me? Glad you asked!


Personal color analysis is based on the science of vision, focusing on the visible interactions between your skin and the colors you wear. In the wrong colors, you may look tired and drained, with blotchy or discolored skin, and your facial features can even look blurred or severe. Bummer, right? However, in the right colors, your skin tone looks healthy and vibrant, your facial features are enhanced, and your natural attractiveness is showcased in a way that only color can accomplish! 


In 12 Blueprints Color Analysis, developed from the renowned Sci Art system, your certified consultant uses a set of precisely calibrated fabric drapes to systematically observe your skin's reactions to hue (warmth and coolness), value (lightness and darkness), and chroma (amount of clarity or mutedness), finding the colors that bring out your absolute best. You will leave not only with new knowledge, but also with a practical, portable swatchbook of your best colors to use for all your fashion decisions. 


Make an appointment today, and discover the unique confidence that the right   colors can give you!

Getting my colors done finally takes the guess work out of what to buy and how it all works together. I feel better, look better, and don't second guess my choices anymore!

-Ellie B.

Wrightwood, CA

I cannot say enough great things about my color analysis! Amanda not only explained the process step by step while we were going through it, but she also explained in-depth what to look for while determining which colors worked best for me. 

The consultation was very thorough. Amanda has a keen eye for color, she is professional yet graceful, and I left feeling completely pampered with my new look! 

-Rebekah G.

Whittier, CA

-Megan R. 

Murrieta, CA

Amanda is a trained and certified Color Specialist and Consultant in Sci Art. She received her training from renowned color specialist Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints based in Ontario, Canada. Amanda has a keen eye for color, visual harmony, and detail, and uses her skills to give each person an incredible, personal, and comfortable consultation experience. 


Amanda has lived in Southern California since high school, and has loved experiencing all the diversity, culture, and beauty of the area. She currently lives in Corona with her husband and two young sons.  


Amanda graduated from Biola University in 2005 where she cultivated her lifelong passion for style and visual arts. When not focusing on her style business, she volunteers with youth, wrangles her two kids, reads books, and writes music with her husband. She can't wait to meet you!



Price includes: 

+12 Tone Personal Color Analysis 

+Archival quality swatchbooks with 125+ of your best colors ($150 value)

+Makeup application and tutorial with your season's colors 

+Follow up support via Pinterest or Email

+Total Time: Approx. 2.5-3 hrs



Price includes: 

+12 Tone Personal Color Analysis 

+Archival quality swatchbooks with 125+ of your best colors ($150 value)

​+Follow up support via Pinterest or Email

+Total Time: Approx. 2-2.5 hrs

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Want to book an appointment? Got any questions? 

Contact Amanda below:  

Thank you for your message!


Q: Where is your studio located?

A: My home studio is located in Corona, CA


Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay by cash or credit card.  No personal checks, please. 


Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Absolutely! 


Q: Will I be able to see why colors are good or bad for me?

A: One of my main goals for every client is to help you see the positive and negative effects I'm looking for as much as possible, so that you can understand and have confidence in the process. I'll communicate exactly what I'm seeing in your skin and face throughout your analysis, and I welcome all questions.


Q: How long do appointments last?

A: Men's appointments generally last 2 to 2.5 hours, while women's are about 2.5 to 3 hours in length. I recommend to my clients to not schedule anything immediately after their appointment, so they can feel relaxed and we can take extra time if necessary.


Q: Can I wear makeup during the color analysis?

A: Because I am looking for subtle reactions in your skin tone, it is important for your face to be completely free of makeup.


Q: What if I don't like my colors?

A: This is a valid question! My best answer is to give it time. It's ok to make small steps in the right direction! Try starting out with just a couple of colors in your palette that you are comfortable with, and go from there.


Q: Do my hair and eye color play a role in determining my season?

A: Hair and eye color are ineffective determiners of season, because they are much more difficult to use for gauging reactions to color. The 12 Blueprints color analysis focuses primarily on the reactions of the skin to determine seasonal placement, but hair and eye color are definitely enhanced by your best colors!


Q: Do you offer services besides color analysis?

A: Yes, I also provide personal styling and shopping. Contact me for more info. 


Q: When do I pay?

A: All payment is due at the time of appointment. 


Q: Out of curiosity, what season are you?

A: I am a Bright Winter


Q: What is 12 tone color analysis?

A: 12 tone color analysis builds off of the 4 season system of color analysis, and divides human skin undertones into 12 distinct groupings. There are four "true" seasons, which means that they are either absolutely warm or cool in hue: True Winter, which is cool and clear, with a large light to dark range of purest white to inky black; True Summer, which is cool and muted, with a much smaller light to dark range; True Spring, which is warm and clear, and gets neither very light nor dark; and True Autumn, which is warm and muted, and dark in tone. The remaining eight seasons are "neutral", meaning that they are a blend of warmth and coolness, and each grouping has its own distinct color properties. When True Spring and True Summer meet, we get the Light seasons of Light Spring (on the warmer side of that blend) and Light Summer (on the cooler side). Summer and Autumn blending result in the notably muted seasons of Soft Summer and Soft Autumn. Autumn and Winter blending create Dark Autumn and Dark Winter, and Winter and Spring collide to make the Bright seasons of Bright Spring and Bright Winter. Personal Color Analysis informs us of which of these 12 groupings is your color home. For visual examples and more reading on the topic, I highly recommend 12 Blueprints (, the website of Christine Scaman, who is a master colorist as well as my trainer and business mentor.

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